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Green Bonds

Earmarked financing for sustainable development

The market for Green Bonds has grown rapidly in recent years. Green Bonds create broad value for the issuing company, the investors and society in general, is specialized in advising and supporting companies and organisations in issuing Green Bonds.

Like conventional bonds, Green Bonds are issued by governments, companies and organisations to raise capital in the credit market. But in contrast to conventional bonds, the capital raised is earmarked to fund projects that have a positive environmental and/or climate impact.

Green Bonds thereby enable companies and organisations to finance environmentally sound projects, increase the knowledge of their sustainability efforts, and strengthen transparency and engagement among internal and external stakeholders. For investors, Green Bonds create an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society by financing sustainable projects.

The first Green Bonds were issued by the World Bank in 2008. Since then, the market has grown rapidly, with strong interest both from governments and supranational organisations and from corporates and large organisations.

Expertise in the credit and capital markets area with sustainability specialists. In order for bonds to be classified as "green", the intended investments must meet certain criteria. cooperates with a range of independent institutions that are specialized in reviewing and classifying Green Bonds